eth zurich - nyu - university of lausanne

mapping and
governing the
online world

monte verità - ascona - june 16-21, 2024

The conference “Mapping and Governing the Online World” brings researchers from law, economics, management, computer science and related fields together to present and discuss empirical and theoretical research on issues of privacy, consumer protection, antitrust, contracts, intellectual property, and AI regulation.  

Data plays an increasingly important role in the digital economy. It is a key input in many successful business models involving, for example, online behavioral advertising or Internet platforms. Emerging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are expected to enable valuable innovation, either by increasing efficiency and expanding existing markets, or by serving new markets. These technologies have increasingly come under public scrutiny. Data about the behavior of consumers, firms and regulators has also enabled researchers to analyze regulatory questions of the digital economy in novel ways. This conference will contribute to the debate on how to regulate digital markets by discussing empirical evidence and theoretical frameworks on the effects of such regulation. The 5-day conference provides an inspiring forum to exchange research ideas and develop new interdisciplinary collaborations in beautiful surroundings. The conference will also facilitate interaction between researchers, policymakers, policy experts and practitioners.

organizing committee

Florencia Marotta-Wurgler

Boxer Family
Professor of Law
New York University

Stefan Bechtold

Professor of
Intellectual Property
ETH Zurich

Christian Peukert

Associate Professor of Digitization, Innovation and Intellectual Property
HEC Lausanne